Microfiber Window Cleaning Brush

$29.99 $60


Cleaning them blinds was never so easy before!

The Microfiber Window Cleaning brush is specially designed to perfectly clean all types of windows and blinds which are impossible to clean.

 It's so easy, Simply grasp the handle and insert blind cleaner, one roller between each slat, move along to perfectly clean the dust and dirt on them.


Reusable and Replaceable: The rollers when soiled,  can be removed and washed using mild soap and warm water. Soft cotton bristles also can be machine washed. 


  • Time Saver
    Cleaning efficiency increased by 200% when compared to using a towel. Clean 6 blinds at a time, without the fear of bending or breaking them.
  • Multiple usages
    Convenient and easy to clean all types of blinds and slats with almost no effort. Helps in preventing soiled blinds due to settling of dust and mud. 
  • Material
    Durable and high-quality bristles which are 100% cotton made.

                     Buy and get 50% off today!

Buy and get 50% off today!

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